Review: Eyes Everywhere – Through the Eye of Justice EP
Review: Eyes Everywhere – Through the Eye of Justice EP

Review: Eyes Everywhere – Through the Eye of Justice EP

Eyes Everywhere Through the Eyes of Justice EP

Being a fan of Minimal Man, NEU!, Silver Apples, etc., I was eager to review artist Andy Johnson’s music. Under the moniker ‘EYES EVERYWHERE’, the tracks for ‘Through the Eye of Justice EP’ are available now on Bandcamp here.
For this EP, Andy Johnson recorded all instruments, heavily inspired by production techniques used during 70’s music, primarily in Germany. The computer was used as a tape machine, recorded in layers. The sound clearly contains the characteristics of tape, bringing forth the effort(s) of careful performance and placement.

Starting with the title track, ‘Eyes Everywhere’, the washes of distant guitar sounds are promptly placed where they belong by the slow and strong bass and motorik drum pattern. Layering of audio, well-mixed and panned, draws a sense of calm. Eager to keep the listener interested, new parts are added then subtracted continuously over the non-stop rhythm.

Not to be outdone, ‘Nake Fuse’ continues walking in the footsteps of ‘Eyes Everywhere’, at a slightly faster pace, and the tonality changes. The pattern is the same, but the sound is very different. Much of the body of the motorik beat and meaty bass-line have had their mids and lows pulled down, washing out with a mesmerizing ambient bit; even later the drums return, but are placed far in the distance. Once this track had begun, it was realized that the entire EP should be played with no gaps between tracks.

‘Nicked, Cage’ has changed the mood drastically from the earlier calm, and has become mildly apprehensive. Drums and bass, while maintaining their simple rhythms, are no longer at the forefront; exchanging places with a wavering drone and a worried, chordal guitar pattern.

‘The Sound of Victory’ takes a breath from the continuity of the past three tracks and stands on its own. Whirling sped up tape speech and ominous undertones exist simultaneously with slinky drum/bass/guitar. Almost feels like the beginning of a new album.

A refreshing sound to this album, captured my ears and mind.



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