Review: Embryoroom – Network of Death / Electronic Death Music I / II
Review: Embryoroom – Network of Death / Electronic Death Music I / II

Review: Embryoroom – Network of Death / Electronic Death Music I / II

Embryoroom - Network of Death
I’m going to take a leap and call Network of death one of the most interesting electronic albums I’ve listened in a long time. This is a genre of which I am almost always skeptical, mostly because I never usually reviewing, so my point of view will be totally about my feelings while this piece of art is filling the room and hitting my brain without mercy.
In pure electronic music, sometimes you get interesting textures and no direction. Sometimes you get compositions that move, but do so in the safest way possible. Sometimes you get neither of those things – ambition without execution. Sometimes you get a deep feeling that you cant even find words. Embryoroom’s talent for both production and composition is apparent.

There’s never a dull moment if you get deep into it and let yourself fall. Harsh, screeching and minimal while Industrial rhythms and sounds keep pounding. The mixing is immaculate, the quieter moments making the loud explosions of sound even heavier in comparison that matches your fears and stress. It is so violent and chill in my ears that is almost cathartic.
Each track explores new territory in my imagination with exceptional ambition and tactful restraint. The tracks flow until their ideas have been exhausted, then end before they become redundant. The flow is exhilarating, like a horror movie that keeps your hair standing up all the way through.
This is a great, atmospheric album. Industrial and noisy but also beat-driven and accessible. It becomes thought-provoking even without lyrics and hypnotizes you with percussive loops and slowly creates an enveloping mood. It always depends on what you’re looking for in music, but this is some dark, chill and scary ominous music.

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