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“Creep Sea” by Philadelphia PA duo Nervous Sex is a collection of seemingly largely improvised pieces that combine samples, screamed vocals/shouting and feature little to no musical structure, for the most part. I can hardly imagine anyone who will be able to sit through a whole record like this one, but its fairly intense nonetheless and brings to mind 80s bands like Whitehouse.

Final/title track is a bit of an exception to the rule – with its tribal/ambient atmosphere it at least breaks away from the formula. There’s also plenty of shouting/screaming on it, but its treated and sounds truly horrific (in a good way).

“Creep Sea” might be a good way to clean out the room and while almost entirely unlistenable, there’s still hints that the band might progress further (no need for cellos or verse-chorus-verse, but a little bit of move away from random noise wouldn’t hurt either).

Note – You can download the album for free here.

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5 thoughts on “Review + Download – Nervous Sex – Creep Sea (Self-Released, 2009)

  1. hello,
    you did a review of our album… i just had a couple things to note.
    one, i might not have sent you the right link maybe, or maybe i did but we are not a duo, we are a trio.
    second. the LAST song is improve and has no vocals, the other 5 are structured and have vocals and parts that repeat. i am not contesting this because you gave us a bad review…actually i love that! but i just want to get the facts straight, and make sure i sent the right link, i might have sent the tape instead.

    http://www.darkchocolatechips.net/music/ share/Nervous_Sex.zip

  2. your blog is called "I Heart Noise," and you thought this was unlistenable? this isn't even very harsh as far as noise goes. there's also plenty of musical structure. i'm not sure you're listening to the right record here.

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