Review – Chesty Vulva – Subjects
Review – Chesty Vulva – Subjects

Review – Chesty Vulva – Subjects

There’s a lot going on here. Sometimes people say that when they have a negative word to follow. This is not the case with the album Subjects by Chesty Vulva. In this sense Brian Salazar, primary component of Chesty Vulva, has a very appropriate amount going on. Every song on this album stands alone as a necessary calculation towards the assembly of Subjects. Jumping from ethereal shoegaze to up-tempo thrash, this works brilliantly on several levels.
The album Subjects is about disillusionment. The journey you take with Chesty Vulva rips the curtain back on a great deal of fluctuating belief structures. These are all personal revelations that mean different things to different people, but those are only in the specific details. Everyone has been hurt, there is no love eternal, and everyone is a liar who has in turn been lied to. It’s all a self-perpetuating machine that we were born into by accident. Brian is closer to figuring that out than most, I would say.
There are no filler songs to take up space between hits. You can tell from listening to Subjects that this is a labor of love. Approach this album as you would a reunion of old friends. Not the kind of reunion where you’re obsessing over who has a more successful life, but the reunion where you all drink until someone gets arrested.
Timeline Dancing
Pretty Bird
TV Dinner


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