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Caterpillar Party isn’t a band that I would typically listen to, but would recommend to those into quirky type light punk / upbeat experimental bands. The sound of the band varies, which is good and works in their favor, not all 5 songs sound like the one that just played. Yetti Confetti and Shark Marathon are both instrumentals, while I’d Like To Take This Opportunity To Make Pop-Tarts and Tera-Dactal Head include vocals swinging from a nervous Josh Homme to the guy from McRad.
I did like the production of the drums, reminiscent of Shellac type stuff, very open and dry. Guitar and bass work fall into Descendants, more recent Dead Milkmen and Schlong category, with punchy quirky riffs and the occasional extended chord / tremlo picking a la Explosions In The Sky. All songs are well constructed and executed with Shark Marathon being the best track for me. Go to their Bandcamp page and check them out.

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I do like explosions in the sky, maybe I'll check this out…

Ilya S.

Check it out and let us what know what you think, mmm-k?

Ira F. Cummings

This is kind of a strange release. In a way, I want it to be weirder. It keeps mixing in some pop hooks or some straight forward riffs in between the weirdness, so ends up with a schizophrenic feel, and I don't mean that in a good way. I rather liked the "Tera-Dactal Hed" track, as an example of what I mean. It sets a base-level of weird, and sticks with it.
And the voice samples do nothing for me.

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