Review: Bob Melanson – Lima Charlie
Review: Bob Melanson – Lima Charlie

Review: Bob Melanson – Lima Charlie

Bob Melanson Lima Charlie

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Bob B Melanson is based in Temecula, California. He started his professional career as a touring, multi-instrumentalist musician, before moving into the world of film. From sound production editing and sound mixing to composing. Melanson has brought his talents to television, podcasts, advertising and films.

“Lima Charlie” is Bob Melanson’s first EP. A four song, lo-fi, analogue project, dedicated to all military veterans. Although not an actual score or an imagined soundtrack and even with Bob, himself saying; “I do a lot of music for film, scores and production music. But this is a place for my love of analogue saturation to let loose.”

It’s still impossible to listen to “Lima Charlie” and not hear a warm, colorful and meditative soundtrack like sound, albeit a score for a delightfully low budget film.

The four songs on “Lima Charlie” are composed of pianos and synthesizers. They are soaked with reverb and delay effects and are recorded to a 4 track tape player. The beats are simple, sparse, effective and strangely cosy. The vibe is mildly inspirational and decidedly aspirational. Melanson has dreamt up four, short, soundscapes that are calm, gentle and relaxing. The down beat tempo is perfectly judged and across the four songs is well balanced. There is also a twinge of melancholy, hazy and slightly pensive, that floats, affably, throughout the EP. It adds another contemplative, delicate texture to the EP’s overall theme.

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