Review: Binaural Space – Encounters
Review: Binaural Space – Encounters

Review: Binaural Space – Encounters

I type as I listen.

So we start with ambient loops from an alternate universe spiked with intent, it predates The Orb and is more akin to early Tangerine Dream stuff.

Now we’re on some kind of journey with a glimmer of glorious choralness with lost whispers adding to intrigue.

Ah, personal, I presume a voice of the maker, it slowly unfolds like a cat that sits in your lap for no reason other than its own.

Muted joy now, very measured yet twinkly and kind, still hinting at barriers on a journey.

Search for the Lost Species seems like a deliberate and knowing response to Joy Division’s Atmosphere saying it will be OK. Morse code noted.

Elders are Listening seems like an escape song, very beautiful it is, not quite sure what to make of it and that’s a good thing.

Remember the Way, the intent becomes clear, it’s an album made to help, got synths and sequencers doing the thing they did when they were all kind. Bubbles!

I can’t help compare this to early 70s stuff, sorry and it is no bad thing!

Even Slower, Sam is love incarnate, wow, tinged with sadness.

Is it worth your time? It’s honest, beautiful and kind. Duh.

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