Review: Bendu – Sagittarius
Review: Bendu – Sagittarius

Review: Bendu – Sagittarius

Bendu Sagittarius

Words: Survey Channel

This one is an apt example of the artist mastering his toolset. As someone outside the modular scene, it draws me in with each listen with its deft balance and a beautifully dense combination of modular and non-modular synthesis.

Sagittarius is melodic, rhythmic, contemplative, and deeply moving as an album. It does not stray too far into the experimental, keeps it groovy when the song requires it and provides lush soundscapes and beautiful synth interludes to quell the energy. The sampling is interesting and varied, used both for effect and for emphasis of theme.

The album is an evolution unto his work that makes sense, and feels extremely cohesive because of it. I urge everyone to dig into Sagittarius and support Bendu who is not only serious, but inventive with his craft.

Sagittarius is out now on Werra Foxma Records

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