Review – Abdu Ali – I'm Alive (Humanized)
Review – Abdu Ali – I'm Alive (Humanized)

Review – Abdu Ali – I'm Alive (Humanized)

The first thing you need to know about Abdu Ali’s music is that it’s music to be danced to, raged to,…it’s an audio middlefinger to all those who have oppressed people like him. By people like him, we mean openly gay and unapologetically black, which leads me to the second thing you need to know: his music is made squarely for those people. If you read his twitter, you’ll understand how particular he is about his audience: gay, black, and willing to smash the system build by the homophobic, racist or just plain prejudiced.
His latest rager “I’m Alive (Humanized)” makes it known that this song is for anybody who has felt less than human for qualities that don’t hurt other people. But he would rather get fucked by an albino tentacle while getting his nuts cut off than to be singing “give peace a chance”. Abdu sneers “I’m Mike Tyson with a limp wrist/I’m Angela Davis with a long dick” loud and clear enough to guarantee that revolutionaries-in-training will be quoting at least half of this or the chorus on Facebook/Twitter posts for years to come.

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