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2017 output by 3 great labels – collected in one post! Featured in this roundup are Field Hymns Records (US), Shadowtrash Tape Group (US) and Strategic Tape Reserve (Germany).

Field Hymns

Field Hymns Logo

Field Hymns is a wee record label.

Featuring Bolabit, Paco Sala, Slim Fortune, Lips & Ribs, Sciencevision, Megabreth, COPS and Curved Light.

Shadowtrash Tape Group

Shadowtrash Tape Group Logo

shadowtrash tape group is a cassette label situated in boulder colorado focused on unconventional audio-art. operated by a small group of interdisciplinary artists. the label functions as a container for an ongoing sonic collaboration between them and artists regionally to internationally.

Featuring Staticnosis, Nature, Du$$t, King Poppy, Rumpilots, Sirun, Fidelity Astro, Pulsecoder and qualchan.

Strategic Tape Reserve

Strategic Tape Reserve - Logo

The Strategic Tape Reserve, headquartered in Cologne, West Germany, is a fully independent (non-aligned, secular) organization dedicated to the dissemination and responsible management of ferric cassette material and content.

Featuring moduS ponY, VLK, Emerging Industries of Wuppertal, Mr. and Mrs. Chip Perkins, Youth Championships and Belmont Lacroix

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