Replay // IHN Fest 2021 / 9.0 (w/Vogon Laundromat)
Replay // IHN Fest 2021 / 9.0 (w/Vogon Laundromat)

Replay // IHN Fest 2021 / 9.0 (w/Vogon Laundromat)


Space Streakings – Special Karaoke King (Skin Graft)
Ambulance vs Ambulance – You Were Always On My Mind [Feat. Abul-Loul the Singer] (Drowned by Locals)
Reigns – Panther Cap (Wrong Speed)
Salac – Euphoria (Avon Terror Corps)
Fupper – Burning Up The Night (Wrong Speed)
Nekkuro Hána – Lizardman
Boris a Bono – Closing Time
Obey Cobra – Sophia Can’t Walk (Box Records) – also featured on Property Tidy Records comp
Stef Kett – Works Ride
bushpilot – ‘The Big Quaalude Thunder Nothing’
Stiff Richards with Gus Howard – Do it Right Now / P.E.A
Abjects – Ratrace (Stolen Body)
Jackson Veil Panther – Same Mistakes 2049
Dungeon Weed – Sorceror With the Skull Face (Forbidden Place)
Wasted Death – Thickened Skulls (APF Records)
Public Acid — Live From D4Mt Labs
72% – Drowning In A Sea Of Bastards (Human Worth)
Primitive Knot – Goddess, Destroyer (Deathbed Tapes)
X’ed Out – Bathe In It (Human Worth) // Reading: Fuzzy Sun
Werewolves – Antisocial (Prosthetic Records)

Unannounced / Interludes

Greg Nieuwsma – Trailer for In C: Flea Market / out now on Submarine Broadcasting Company

Trailer for Salvatore Mercatante / Veins Full of Static Split / out now on Waxing Crescent

Belial Pelegrim – A Mirror Is Left Unattended (Bricolage)

Showcase of machines created by Sam Underwood

Preview of a new banjo album by ARKM Foam

Trailer for NoimoodSE Side B by Genetic Effects


Shane Parish covering Beefheart’s One Red Rose That I Mean

Keepin It Reel – documentary on cassette culture


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