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“Gone In 60 Seconds” is a compilation of 1-minute songs from friends & devotees of I Heart Noise. It includes more than 40 tracks by bands from all over the world, including UK, US, France, Serbia, Ireland and Germany.
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Artwork by: Timothy Daniel (T.D.) Flynn (Bio + InterviewWebsite)

Big City Orchestra

Bio + Discography + Interview

MP3: Raspberry

Blue Sausage Infant

Bio + Discography + The Story Behind “Krackrock”

MP3: Krackrock

Collapse Under The Empire

Bio + Discography

MP3: A Smell Of Boiled Greens

Dead Leaf Echo

Bio + Discography / 10 Questions With A Band (Musformation) / Download Vault – Killredrocket Archives

MP3: A Warm Body


Bio + Discography / Review of “We Can Create Our Own World

MP3: Questions For Which There Are No Answers

Down I Go

Bio + Discography

MP3: King Herod The Great / Pterodactyl


Bio + Discography

MP3: Loop 8 And Burroughs (Edit)

Drone Forest

Bio + Discography / C Reider – Selected Discography
MP3: One Minute

Electric Bird Noise

Bio + Discography / Brian McKenzie Interview
MP3: March Towards The East


Bio + Discography / Download – El-Tafkeers – Re-mixs In Remembrance of Muslimgauze

MP3: Silences / Stracathro Hospital

False Awakening

Bio + Discography / Julian Iron Interview / Download Vault – BFW Recordings

MP3: Empty White Streets / The Beast


Bio + Discography / Clocca Loxodonta Story – As Told By Jess Cron / Jess Cron Intervew

MP3: Clocca Loxodonta

Female Demand

Bio + Discography / Interview / Download – KWUR Stack Sessions

MP3: Shred Tactics (Edit)


Dead Leaf Echo – A Warm Body / Thought Talk (Live At Aloft)

FEASTofFETUS – Clocca Loxodonta (Audio only)

Female Demand – Shred Tactics (live at Westheimer Block Party)

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