Recap: Compilations from April
Recap: Compilations from April

Recap: Compilations from April

Compilations and more compilations that came out this April – all gathered in one post!


Part 1 – featuring Linear Obsessional, Doom Trip Records, Oof Records, 42s Records, Underwater Computing, Past Inside the Present, Lovecrypt, Bokeh Versions

Part 2 – featuring Folkadelphia, Fuzzy Cracklins Presents, ATTN:Magazine, Raund Haus, Hausu Mountain, Marly Records

Part 3 – featuring L’Art Pénultième, Dig That Treasure Records, E.L.M. Collective, The Song is Coming from Inside the House, Across the Universal Soundscape, Get Your Genki

Part 4 – featuring Liquid Library, Arsivplak, Z Tapes, Independent Music News, Enisslab, Section 9

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