Recap: Around 2018 in 12 Weeks – Pt. 1
Recap: Around 2018 in 12 Weeks – Pt. 1

Recap: Around 2018 in 12 Weeks – Pt. 1

Around 2018 in 12 Weeks - A Recap
Going back in time with our followers! Earlier this year we asked musicians, labels, music writers and PR people that follow us to give us their favorites from 2018, so lets go through those again:
Favorite Songs – picks by Lauren Barley (Rarely Unable).
Featuring Anna Von Hauswolff, Daughters, Carla Bozulich, Lucrecia Dalt, Jaye Jayle, The Body, Current 93 and more.
Listen to Guest Mix by Nick Sadler (Daughters)
Read an Interview with Chip King (The Body) (conducted by Grant Hobson)

Label Mix by Asura Revolver – via Asura Revolver.
Featuring valyri, Jamie Awakshidar, Kizunaut, Unorthodox Digital, Petridisch, Duke Randall and more.

Fave 15 of ’18 from Mike Langlie – picks by Mike Langlie (Twink the Toy Piano Band / Cat Temper).
Featuring The Advisory Circle, Color TV, Deadly Avenger, FACS, Insect Ark and more.

Label Mix by Romeda Records – mix by Romeda (RIP)
Featuring Dub Not Pop, Owlbinos of Northfield, Third Reel, Dublock and more.

Albums That Mean Something – picks by Christopher Whitby
Featuring Bonnacons of Doom, Hawthonn, The Modern Folk, Erland Cooper, Jim Ghedi and more

Favorite Albums + Honorable Mentions – picks by Revenge Technician
Daughters, Yves Tumor, Low, Lingua Ignota, Bliss Signal, White Ring and more
Read an interview with White Ring (RIP Kendra Malia)
Browse an archive of show reviews/interviews by Revenge Technician


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