Rants // It’s All BS
Rants // It’s All BS

Rants // It’s All BS

Tonetta had it right – it’s all BS and I don’t mean Bluesky either. Not music/art, though – at least not in entirety. Let me explain.

While I do believe that the best of artists/musicians/creatives are bullshiters supreme, its beautiful kind of BS. One that fills your life with light or makes you think or makes you move. During your darkest days/hours it could also serve a shelter.

Political bullshit accomplishes none of that as seen from both election of Donald Trump and the recent hubbub around removal of Kevin McCarthy/search for a new speaker. That serves exclusively one side – the grifter and the snake oil salesman (often one and the same anyway).

Business/tech bullshit is no good either – Elon Musk won’t get us to Mars in 5 or 10 years time and possibly never. Same with Hyperloop – hype, hype and more hype on top of it. Having Paris Hilton, Tucker Carlson and Ian Miles Cheong on your side hardly helps matters.

Just because techbros they know what’s good for you doesn’t make it so. Enshittification of humanity might be on top of the tech agenda, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. And snake oil won’t improve your life, even if you’ll start selling it with a different slogan each time.

So lie to me as an artist, I don’t mind. I’ll take that over Elon or Donald lying to me, because that is vile and there’s absolutely nothing creative or funny about either.

I’ll let Mr. Waits testify further.

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