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Fresh cocktail of pure sonic awesomeness from underground and overground to keep your ears screaming for more!

This is CAMP Radio, broadcasting direct from our revolutionary arts facility high in the French Pyrenees. On these airwaves can be found a diverse array of audible pleasures, from drones to poetry, punk to grime, improv to environmental sound.

I Heart Noise is taking over the online airwaves thanks to CAMP! Listen episode #7 of the Cosmic Church of IHN, our very own radio show. Archived episodes of our radio shows can be found here.


Skyjelly – Crime
Ideas Are Birds – II (Goodbye Better)
Luminous Bodies – You Cheap-Arse Motherfucker (Box Records)
This Ship Argo – Isomer (Self Released)
Volodymyr Bystriakov – Alice Theme I (Shukai)
Jay Glass Dubs – Depression Dub (Hyle Tapes)
Volodymyr Bystriakov – Untitled IV (Shukai)
The Gateless Gate – Landsat
Tapes and Tubes – Ghost (Culture as a Dare)
The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices – Pilence Pee
Wire – Mannequin
Mark Sandman – The Ring (Extended Version)
Repelican with Friends – Site of the Explosion (with Nour Mobarak)
Jenny Sturgeon – The Plants (Hudson Records)
Look Blue Go Purple – Circumspect Penelope (Flying Nun Records)
The Wyndham Research Institute – Article IV (TQN-aut)
Catherine Wheel – Chrome (Fontana)
Disco Sam – Tokyo Story (Self Released)
Gary Rees – Junípero (Self Released)
J Dilla – Safety Dancereading via Stones Throw
Swans – A Screw (Holy Money)
Yuri Morozov – Inexplicable (pt4) (Buried Treasure Records)
The Fall – Muzorewi’s Daughter (Cherry Red Records / Superior Viaduct)
Obnox – Young Neezy (Ever Never Records)
Nicholas Burgess – Prickle (Self Released)
Demon Seed – Oh Dad! – from GB3
The Earthly Frames – Back Gardens – from GB3
Tony Berns – Dancin’ On The Moon (BernSongs)  –  Do the boogie with R2-D2.
Civil Civic – Fuck Youth (Self Released)
The Central Office of Information – Hub Trees (Woodford Halse)
The Home Current – A Triffid Ritual (Subexotic Records)
Darren j Holloway – The Dreamer’s Haze (TQN-aut)

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