Radio Shows // Cosmic Church – Ep. 49
Radio Shows // Cosmic Church – Ep. 49

Radio Shows // Cosmic Church – Ep. 49

Hosted by Dillon – happening every 3 weeks on CAMP Radio (France)! Archives of our shows can be found here.


jaimie branch – baba louie (Intl Anthem)
Kevin Figes & You Are Here – Seven for Lee (My Only Desire)
Eje Eje – Mountain Disco Feat. Yuli Shafriri (Bonus) (Batov)
six by seven – Orion
Tomato Flower – Destroyer
LEVI J. BURR – Adders Fulcrum (featuring Chuck Johnson)
Tim Hill – Accidentally Like A Martyr – Aquarium Drunkard session. See also – Giant
Equipment Pointed Ankh – Trucks to Gettysburg (Torn Light)
Cactus Lee – Pale Rider
Cunning Folk – Crossbones (Dharma)
Daniel Villarreal – Sunset Cliffs (Intl Anthem)
Sealionwoman – GISELLE
Kofi Flexxx – Apothecary [feat. Billy Woods] (Native Rebel)
Sko – Love like This
The Woodbine & Ivy Band – Poor Murdered Woman (Folk Police Recordings)
Looking Glass Alice – Siren Song
Duane Betts – Saints To Sinners (Royal Potato Family)
Public Speaking – Swollen Feet (Whited Sepulchre)
Mendoza Hoff Revels – Diablada (AUM Fidelity)
Tuluum Shimmering – Tamalpais (At About 6)


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