Radio Shows // Cosmic Church – Ep. 16 (w/cowsarejustfood)
Radio Shows // Cosmic Church – Ep. 16 (w/cowsarejustfood)

Radio Shows // Cosmic Church – Ep. 16 (w/cowsarejustfood)

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lee hazlewood: i’m glad i never (light in the attic)
eric arn: wer tauben füttert, füttert gespenster (carbon)
john fahey: the mill pond drowns hope (important)
john mclaughlin: siren (douglas)
micky yoshino: eat (g-matics)
mukqs: mana burning (husky pants)
fleetwood mac: danny’s chant (reprise)
zz top: i gotsta get paid (mercury)
9. yol: shit holiday part 1
john waters: prayer to pasolini (subpop) / pita: untitled (editions mego)
aaron dilloway & lucrecia dalt: the blob (hanson)
al karpenter: eyes without faces (bruit direct disques) // Reading
bullwackies all stars: natures dub
adam stafford: nested octohedra (song by toad)
eiko ishibashi: ask me how i sleep at night
jess franco: black countess (crippled dick hot wax)
17. karen black: dreamland (anthology)
natalia beylis: the desire of huckleberries (eiderdown)
les filles de illighadad: surbajo (sahel sounds)
time binding ensemble: nychthemera in c minor (kit)
the hers: leon drag
ora clementi: magic mountain (black truffle)
dax pierson: keflex (ratskin)
fabio frizzi: fatti misteriosi (beat records)
manowar (w/ orson welles): dark avenger (liberty)
richard youngs: strange war-mind looks at world and it withers (blue tapes)
eva kierten: vardyger (other forms of consecrated life)
peter maxwell davies: exorcism (naxos) / the fall: where’s the fuckin taxi? cunt (cherry red)

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