R.I.P. – Walkman (1978-2010)
R.I.P. – Walkman (1978-2010)

R.I.P. – Walkman (1978-2010)

Walkman (not to confuse with The Walkmen), dearly beloved son of Sony and a member of such notable bands as The Portables, The Players, The Tapes and The Cassettes has died today.  He had a lot of success as a rising teen star in the 70s and was recognized as an undeniable icon in the 80s and (to some extent) 90s. Lately, however, he’s been battling irrelevancy, which ultimately proved to be fatal.
He’s survived by his younger brother Ipod.
Read the rest of obituaries: 3News | ABC News | Paste | Slate | The Washington Post | Woman’s Day
And some final words from Chris Cornell – although the song was dedicated to Jeff Buckley, it could also make for some wonderful parting words for Walkman.


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