Quarantine Interviews: Odd Nosdam
Quarantine Interviews: Odd Nosdam

Quarantine Interviews: Odd Nosdam

Odd Nosdam

Having cut his teeth producing warped and bombastic beats as a member of cLOUDDEAD, Odd Nosdam has since gone on to record and release some of the most revered work in the post-millennial, abstract hip-hop world. Through his solo productions and various collaborations and remixes, the Anticon co-founder traces an indelible strain of super-saturated, no-fi weirdness that intersects British IDM, West Coast hip-hop, and ethereal drone. 

We got another legend in the house! This time its Anticon co-founder (and cLOUDDEAD member) Odd Nosdam whose vast solo discography recently got even vaster with the addition of Flippies beat tapes (which we enjoyed immensely). 

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How are you dealing with quarantine?

Honestly Im not sure how Im dealing w this so-called quarantine… time is blurring… vibes here in Berkeley feel off so it’s hard to know how to process what’s actually happening

My studio mates & I were thrown out of our studios back in January by corporate fucks who can’t wait to continue gentrifying Berkeley… these terrible people are basically turning the west side of Berkeley into one giant condo while so many folks are living – i.e. surviving – in RVs, vans, tents, gutters… it is what it is… the capitalist American dream I suppose

so being “ordered” by the state to shelter-in-place is not really a problem for me… I was already planning on staying home while readjusting to no longer having my 2nd studio, which is where I did most of my mixing & mastering for the last 4 years

my bedroom studio remains fully fired up… Im still busy crankin out dirty-ass odd music and uploading valuable useful content on Bandcamp, Mixcloud, Soundcloud & Youtube



What advice would you give to other musicians/artists dealing with it?

My advice has always been this: whatever you do, be sure to enjoy the process… so just DO YOU… wonderful things will happen

Peace & love… see yall on the flip side

Recent Work / Upcoming Projects

Flippies Best Tape (Glue Moon Records / Home Assembly Music) 

Flippies Shit Tape (Self Released) 

Go Round (2009) (Self Released) – two tracks, one of which is previously unreleased

Mirrors (Alien Transistor) 

Im currently collabing w a Maryland based rapper who goes by Tokyo Cigar, him & I are on some raw rugged rap shit


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