Pyramid Vritra – Tellaman
Pyramid Vritra – Tellaman

Pyramid Vritra – Tellaman

Pyramid Vritra - Tellaman

Something you ought to know about prolific musician/producer/rapper/HNIC of NRK Pyramid Vritra: he really wants to take the world over with his futuristic productions. And he’s really frustrated that you don’t think he is worth the time and money it takes to get him there.
If his trademark introverted rapping feels like it’s just filling the space half the time, that’s not a bad thing because every now and then, you get to hear him pour out his feelings on things from his relationship (“Fervor”), trying to make money off his hard work (“58 (Heavy)”), and his frustration at the inability to do that more often (the track in question).
Released on his birthday for free, “Tellaman” feels like a silent sneer at everything he has went through since going full time in his music. That’s just up close. From far away, he may be singing the frustrations of many an upcoming musician. Fairweather friends and family, shady musicmakers and peers too broke to work with him all face his crosshairs. Here’s to hoping that after this (and after generously giving some of his music away for free), he has more listeners and more trustworthy musicmakers willing to oblige in the exchange.
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