Preview – Wet Tuna / DUNZA Split!
Preview – Wet Tuna / DUNZA Split!

Preview – Wet Tuna / DUNZA Split!

Each of these guys is SO prolific. Between the two of them I probably own 40 records and another 40 cds/cdrs – ShroomGrown / Reddit

The Vermont-Wisconsin Split We Didn’t Know We Needed – Richard Hayes

Yes, yes, yes – we finally made it to label release #10! And what a better way to celebrate than to have a collaboration between the sound minds of Matt Valentine (MV & EE, Tower Recordings) and James Toth aka DUNZA aka Wooden Wand aka James and the Giants

Two awesome tracks on one 7″ + a pure awesomeness that is a trailer made by Gabe Walsh (Solilians / Earthly Frames). How’s that for a sweet deal?

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The Toth ZoneThe Toth Zone chronicles musician James Toth’s all-consuming obsession with music while growing up in pre-9/11 New York City, and all the trouble it caused him along the way. It’s a little like A Christmas Story, but with headbangers, hoodlums, and hip-hop. “…something like David Sedaris by way of Iggy Pop.” – Elizabeth Nelson, Lawyers, Guns & Money blog


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