Preview of Boston Not LA 4
Preview of Boston Not LA 4

Preview of Boston Not LA 4

Another volume of Boston Not LA is upon us and here’s a tiny snippet of what’s up ahead…
Anda Volley – Butterfly Melt
This little creeper of a tune was born in the Flawless Computerized Mind of one Anda Volley Рthink soundtrack for a funeral of civilization ruined by nuclear wars coupled with a long walk through resulting wasteland.

The Prefab Messiahs – College Radio
Story of this Worcester garage/psych quartet goes back all the way to the early 80s when they released an excellent Franz Kafka/Prefab Sun single. After some 20-year long hiatus they came back with a vengeance and this ode to the spirit of independence can be found on their latest album Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive.

Skyjelly – Move on 45
Just one of countless unreleased tracks by Skyjelly, this one is a sublime excursion into ambient/shoegaze/psychedelia. An odd love song and a tribute to no one particular, Move on 45 keep its chilled throughout six minutes of its duration.

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