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The results are in and the winner is…”Daydream Nation” with 8 votes. Second place goes to “Sister” (5 votes) and the third place goes to “Bad Moon Rising”.
The rest of the results look the following way:
Confusion Is Sex – 1 vote
EVOL – 1 vote
Made In USA – o votes

Goo – 2 votes
Dirty – 1 vote
Experimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star – 0 votes
Washing Machine – 3 votes
A Thousand Leaves – 0 votes
NYC Ghosts And Flowers – 1 vote
Murray Street – 0 votes
Sonic Nurse – 0 votes
Rather Ripped – 1 vote
The Eternal – 1 vote
Other – 1 vote
The poll is now closed – thanks to everyone who voted and, of course, Sonic Youth themselves for providing an inspiration/music throughout years.

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