Phantom Family Halo
Phantom Family Halo

Phantom Family Halo

There’s a schizo tension to Family Halo’smusic born of the band’s dueling aesthetics. There are the noisy soundscapes that dominated the band’s earliest material, and which still hold a lot of sway, and then are the glamazon rock ‘n’ roll beat-downs that rise up with a great and terrible vengeance. – Courier Journal

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PFH is a Louisville, KY band that includes members of Slint / For Carnation and explores a whole range of sounds – from pop to psychedelia to experimental/noise soundscapes. The results are quite varied/mixed, but the sheer eclecticism of the band cannot be ignored.
The band’s sound was described byThe Devil Has The Best Tuna blog as “Syd Barrett and Scott Walker jamming with Hawkwind or the 13th Floor Elevators in the height of the “Krautrock” frenzy” / “The Birthday Party subdued to play a rendition of “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.”
So far, the band produced 2006 “The Legend Of Black Six” and, more recently, their latest LP – “Monoliths & These Flowers Never Die”, which came out on Karate Body label.

The Legend Of Black Six - 2006
The Legend Of Black Six - 2006

All Music Guide pointed out that “The Phantom Family Halo are a willful anachronism, seemingly having heard no music past 1980. Even the production is retro on The Legend of Black Six.” in their review of the band’s debut. Further on, AMG commented that “Instead of modern sheen and over-compression, the sound is natural and dynamic; drums actually sound like drums. Each song has its own identity, so much so that the album lacks one. It sounds “old,” but that could mean any number of things, and this band tries them all out.”
Courier Journal commented on “Monoliths” – “Monoliths & These Flowers Never Die” is an epic effort from the Louisville band which, at two LPs and 18 songs, has ample room for additional textures that swirl into an often-striking sonic goo. Psychedelic blues, dirty garage rock, deadly metal and pristine pop hooks, sounding even more sweet in contrast, all have their moments in the black-light’s glow. But the band rarely sounds indecisive, if it’s sometimes tough following their lead.”
In 2009, the band embarked on a tour with Russian Circles and Young Widows, which went from November to December and saw the band playing US and Canadian venues.
Mario Santo
Michael McMahan (For Carnation)
Ariel Meeds
Nick Spades
Ian Tangler
The Legend Of Black Six LP (Black Velvet Fuckere + Roller Rink Rampage, 2006)
Phantom Family Halo / La Otracina 2008 US Tour CDr (Colour Sound, 2008)
Compilation Tracks:
“Black And White Magic” on Louisville Is For Lovers Vol. 6 (Double Malt Music, 2006)

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