Out Now: Skyjelly – We Pull the Stars Over Our Heads Like Covers
Out Now: Skyjelly – We Pull the Stars Over Our Heads Like Covers

Out Now: Skyjelly – We Pull the Stars Over Our Heads Like Covers

Like Damo Suzuki goes psych-out!
Moo Kid

Smell the glove, me old beauties – IHN006 is here! We Put the Stars Over Our Heads Like Covers is a fifth release by psych rock jaggernauts/psychonauts Skyjelly!

6 mindbending tracks that could only be described as pure Skyjelly + beautiful artwork courtesy of our friend Steve Painter (Dark Sunny Land). There’s also a video playlist to go along with the EP.

We got both bundled and non-bundled versions of the album – former comes along with reissue of Howcha Magowcha, second and final album by Boston’s motley crew Turkish Delight. Very few copies of latter/regular version of the EP remain in our vaults, so get yours before its gone!

In the meantime, we’re going to look at both previous albums by the band (all sold out, but one digital releases) as well all the mentions/tweets and podcast plays that happened for Stars-related material so far!
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Stuck In Thee Garage 

The Transmitter Down 

Track – K-Dot
Other artists: Tangerine Dream / CoH / Master Wilburn Burchette

Badd Press

Transmission Zero




That distortion is working for me. It’s like time travel to an old gig in a garden. Enthusiasm and gaffer tape are holding it together under the moonlight. – Zolan Quobble
This album opens with mournful tones and simple guitar lines that transports me back to a mid 90’s haze of long road trips, meeting up for gigs and crashing on sofa’s after staying up late talking. It then becomes Ecstatic Lo-Fi with insistent rhythms, freak-out guitar and delirious vocals. A short melodic comedown before the psychedelics are re-upped with K-Dot which is a total trip of massive rolling bass, a wildly echoed vocal and noise. The whole thing is wonderful. – Vogon Laundromat

Splice Today / Make Sara Laugh
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People Are the Enemy is a (relatively) new podcast run by Andy Mascola and featuring interviews with various guests. Its latest episode features none other than Rick “Skyjelly Jones” Lescault – the grand architect behind Skyjelly whose latest EP we’re putting out on 5/25!

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Travis Shosa / Under the Counter Tapes
Disco Insolence
Salem Rashid / Bedouin Records
Adam / Bad Bat Records
Dags Jowl
Bob Corrigan
Ivo Petrov / Mahorka
Christopher J. Seekell
Johnny Spice / All Magazine
Scott Creney
Jayson / Synoisia
Rich Mudge

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