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Like Damo Suzuki goes psych-out!
Moo Kid

Smell the glove, me old beauties – IHN006 is here! We Put the Stars Over Our Heads Like Covers is a fifth release by psych rock jaggernauts/psychonauts Skyjelly!

6 mindbending tracks that could only be described as pure Skyjelly + beautiful artwork courtesy of our friend Steve Painter (Dark Sunny Land). There’s also a video playlist to go along with the EP.

We got both bundled and non-bundled versions of the album – former comes along with reissue of Howcha Magowcha, second and final album by Boston’s motley crew Turkish Delight. Very few copies of latter/regular version of the EP remain in our vaults, so get yours before its gone!

In the meantime, we’re going to look at both previous albums by the band (all sold out, but one digital releases) as well all the mentions/tweets and podcast plays that happened for Stars-related material so far!

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