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DysonsoundMovember Mixtape

It’s time for something a little special here on dysonsound. We’ve all made mixtapes in our life, and if you haven’t? Try it out!
November is a special month because you have the opportunity to give something back to male health while men around the world grow ridiculous looking hair on their upper lip. And thank god for gracious girlfriends and wives who put up with this and the women who are actually participating (not by growing mustaches hopefully).

Flaming PablumSpooky Tunes To Get Your Creep On

Hey, kids! It’s almost Halloween! In years past, you may remember, I pulled together lists of seasonally-suitable songs to be creeped out by for the evening in question. Last year, I expounded in greater depth upon my choices (if you give a dang, click over to archives and click on previous Octobers). This year, frankly, has been a bit busy, so I haven’t had time to painstakingly compile a new selection of terrifying tracks. That said, I do have a couple in mind that ought to handily suffice. Amplify any of the following from your front porch for the aural benefit of prospective trick-or-treaters and I doubt you’ll be disturbed by anyone all night … except maybe the local authorities.

Flowers & Cream > lee me lydia kim dv69  kern shoot

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