(On the) Spectrum: Red – Artist Bios: Pt. 2
(On the) Spectrum: Red – Artist Bios: Pt. 2

(On the) Spectrum: Red – Artist Bios: Pt. 2

Going over the remaining biographies of the artists that contributed to our new sampler dedicated to creatives/musicians with autism! See part 1 here.
Compilation itself is “pay what you want” with all the money going back to artists. So pay a dollar, pay a two or just help spread the word – every little bit helps!


Solo project of Matt Loveridge (Team Brick, Knife Library)
Song: My Fortune in the Asteroid
Further Reading: Cafe OTO | Louder Than War | Bristol 24/7 | The Ransom Note


Song: PHEW4


Dorchester-born and raised bedroom pop singer, songwriter, composer, beatmaker who also goes underneath the name blank videotapes. Audio awesomeness in spite of occasional lo-fi production.

Song: Patiently Awaiting
Further Reading: Afropunk | Performer Magazine | Boston Hassle


Independent musician | friend of as many people as my brain can handle | constantly evolving | proud member @ftmlabel
Song: Oshi Beat

Richard Castle

Song: Xenophobia

Savan DePaul

bad apple commnue // omega collective // sagan theory
rhythms from realms out of reach.

Song: Afraid
Further Reading: Dope Cause We Said | Reflective Surface | Beat Tape Co-Op | Word is Bond


corporationpop is the result of Northern beat poet Elise Hadgraft’s late night drinking sessions in a suburban, Stockport kitchen.

Song: Doctor, Doctor
Further Reading: Echoes and Dust | Fresh on the Net | Hickeysonic | Collective Zine


Cartoonist, composer, and a musician based in Ohio.

Song: Variation on Gymnopedie No. 1

Xolie Morra

XolieMorra & TheStrangeKind are a band from Seattle WA created by Singer Songwriter Xolie Morra Cogley and joined in 2011 by Brett Ashley Hutchinson on the drums. Xolie is an active educator, teaching the world about life as an ArtistWithAutism.
Song: C’est L’amour

The AutistiX

A rock band of musicians including three young men with Autism and other disabilities, writing original and evocative rock songs, creating our own unique sound.

Song: I Can’t Take It Anymore

Waid Anchors

cute young boys with their toys.

Song: Louise Roll


Someone said my music sounds like a psychotic episode on a hip-hop beat and I just ran with it.

Song: Lazarus Sign / I”ll Be Back Some Day / Graveyard Boogie

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