Notes on Bandcamp Boston – 08.12.16
Notes on Bandcamp Boston – 08.12.16

Notes on Bandcamp Boston – 08.12.16

Phil Aiken – Beginner’s Luck
Not to be confused with Clay Aiken, Phil delivers an EP of ultra-melodic Beatlesque pop/rock – no revelations to be found here, but its well done and enjoyable for what it is. Disregard the title as this does not feel like the work of beginner.

2nd Day Venom – The Valley Atmosphere
More of juicy psych goodness out of East Coast – this one is from a band comprised of members of Jarva Land, The Freeways and Beau Reves. Endless road trip through the desert while high on mushrooms kind of vibe there.
Particular highlights include Freak Song (opener) and Figures of 8 (closer), two of the most focused tracks on this 4-song EP

Death is the Dream – My Life With Jill
Whole layer of different, this one – an album of Chinese love ballads performed by an American (John McCusick who plays guzheng/chinese zither on this release). Quite soothing and tranquil and also quite a contrast with the rest of the project’s discography which is more of dark ambient/soundtrack work

Dyr Faser – Dyr Faser
Always good to hear new material from Eric Boomhower, the sole person behind DF – this one feels strangely upbeat compared to things heard on “Volum 1” / “Volum 2”.
This self-titled EP retains the cold/mechanical/ethereal feel of earlier work to it (must be the drum machine being involved) but somehow still feels…different. All of the songs on this EP are a little bit longer than a minute (as per challenge set up by Silber Records) which gives it a sketch-like quality – yet most of them manage to pack plenty of ideas within that short timeframe.

sirun – atwhichpointwheredidyou
Three soundscapes from the mind of Suzanne Yeremyan – 001 and outro didn’t made much of an impression, but 002 (aka #2) is a very effective mix of ghostly choirs, piano and drone, just what one needs to hear late at night.

The Savage Detectives – Sternum Brainpower
Rather mysterious two-track item – it starts out sounding a bit like early Ween but then turns into a spastic prog-rock complete with lyrics about coming aliens and failing mental health.
A bit too messy overall but parts of it approach brilliance and parts of it feel like an elaborate internal joke of some kind.

The Inside World – Ghost
Ghost is a fitting title for this single – slow. atmospheric burner with heavily processed vocals that brings to mind some of the alt-rockers/shoegazers of the 90s


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