New/Upcoming Music Releases – Kindling, Skyjelly, Dyr Faser and more!
New/Upcoming Music Releases – Kindling, Skyjelly, Dyr Faser and more!

New/Upcoming Music Releases – Kindling, Skyjelly, Dyr Faser and more!

Dyr Faser – Waiting to be Born
Volum 3 is an upcoming full-length by Dyr Faser, solo project of Eric Boomhower (ex-Royal Wedding) and Waiting to Be Born provides a small glimpse of what’s to come. Its a slow-paced 10-minute epic and it feels like a tribute to all the Krautrock greats with its swirling/trance-like atmosphere and the mantra of a title repeated throughout (Homeless….Waiting to be Born)

Petridisch – Classical Vocaloid
CV is just one of a slew of releases produced recently by Boston musician Thor Maillet (CTM) and it focuses solely on interpretations of music by classical composers. Aided by vocaloid and Farfisa organ Petridisch/Thor takes on Bach, Philip Glass and many others

Kindling – No Generation
Recorded at the same time as last year’s Everywhere Else, this 6-song EP delves further into the band’s worship of classic alt-rock/shoegaze. Think ethereal male/female vocals, crashing drums and plenty of fuzz/feedback/distortion.

Cryostasium – Screaming Bloody Suicide
If you’re not immediately turned off by the cover and the title of this EP from Cryostasium (aka Cody – another half of CTM) then you just might be the right audience for it. 4 tracks of ugly (in a good way) old school d-beat/crust worship – totally free for download too

Skyjelly – Góst Rock
Follow-up to last year’s Blank Panthers / Priest, Expert or Wizard (this time on UK imprint Eggs in Aspic) catches this Boston/PVD quartet in mostly introspective/reflective mood. Echoes of King Crimson and Floyd abound among the 6 tracks of Góst Rock and the longest one (You’re in a Chair in the Sky) also got a video for it

Various Artists – Library Lunch
This sprawling 23-track compilation put together by Filthybroke Recordings is a benefit for Ditch the Label, an anti-bullying organization. An astounding amount of genres represented (hip-hop, ambient, experimental, acoustic) and the strong quality control are both great reasons to pick this one up

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