New / Upcoming Music Releases – Swans, Brian Eno, Glitterburst and more!
New / Upcoming Music Releases – Swans, Brian Eno, Glitterburst and more!

New / Upcoming Music Releases – Swans, Brian Eno, Glitterburst and more!

Mike & The Melvins – Three Man and the Baby (Sub Pop)
Who: Mike Kunka, King Buzzo, Dale Crover, Kevin Rutmanis
What: 16 years in the making, “Three Man and The Baby” is a collaboration between The Melvins and Mike Kunka from Godheadsilo / Enemymine

So, about the record: It’s real good! Mike’s signature bass crunch and vocals are all over it, and the Melvins are in fine form. It has everything from hefty noise-rock churn (ref. the lead track, “Chicken ‘n’ Dump”) to a Public Image Ltd. song to cough-syrup blues (“A Dead Pile of Worthless Junk”) to helpful advice (“A Friend in Need is a Friend You Don’t Need”) to deconstructed black metal (“Art School Fight Song”). Neither Melvins nor godheadSilo fans will be disappointed, nor will detractors of either; to paraphrase Mike, if you don’t like it, it probably wasn’t meant for you.

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Cavern of Anti-Matter – Void Beats / invocation Trax (Duophonic)
Who: Holger Zapf, Joe Dilworth, Tim Gane
What: Second effort from a trio that features members of Stereolab and Th’ Faith Healers

Swans – TBA
Who: Mike Gira, Chris Pravdica, Kristof Hahn, Norman Westerberg, Phil Puleo, Thor Harris
What: Swans final (?) studio album – follow up to “To Be Kind”

“It sounds like the musical equivalent of Ben-Hur … coupled with Kurosawa’s Ran,” Gira told Mojo. He added, “It is epic. One piece has 240 separate tracks. But there are also a lot of delicate moments. There’s a lot of orchestration — strings, horns, female singers. But no bagpipes this time. The longest pieces is 28 minutes, and there are a couple that are 22, 23.”

Brian Eno – The Ship (Warp Records)
What: Eno’s first studio album since 2012 Lux – Titanic-inspired LP that includes a cover of Velvet Underground’s “I’m Set Free”

This album is a succession of interleaved stories. Some of them I know, some of them I’m discovering now in the making of them.
Wave. After. Wave. After. Wave.

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Glitterburst – Self-Titled (Burger Records)
Who: Alex Knost, Kim Gordon
What: Collaboration between Alex Knost (Tomorrows Tulips) and Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth)

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