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Debut album from a quartet which includes Three One G head honcho Justin Pearson (Locust, Holy Molar, Headwound City) and Locust drummer Serge Gabian.

Start. Stop. Start. Whrrrr! Whrrrrr! Clang! Stop. Start. Bwwwwr! Stop. Start. Wooorrmphhh! Stop.
There. I just accurately described the album Ugly Animals from Retox, the new band by Justin Pearson. The 13-minute ass-kicking is one mean album, that’s for sure. But the knuckle sandwiches come so fast and furious and with such precision that there is pure art in their violence.

1. World is Ending and It’s About Time
2. Thirty Cents Shy of a Quarter
3. Bastard On Father’s Day
4. Funeral On Christmas Sunday
5. Stick a Fork in It
6. Cement Sucking
7. Boredom is Counter-Revolutionary
8. Ten Pounds Of Shit In A Five Pound Bag
9. Captive Audience
10. Sorry We Are Just Not Compatible
11. Piss Elegant
Reviews: Punknews.org | Exclaim.ca | PunkWorldViews.com | Skinny | Alter The Press! | Alternative Matter | The Digital Fix
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Buy it: Amazon | iTunes | Insound

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Ira F. Cummings

Wow. Those tracks are pretty wild. I dig 'em, but not sure if I could listen more than once.

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