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Mike Patton’s soundtrack to cinematic adaptation of Paolo Giordano novel of the same name.  It came out on November 1st on Patton’s own Ipecac label.

Musically, this score is utterly unlike Patton‘s previous efforts at the form, for the films A Perfect Place in 2008 and Crank High Voltagein 2009. The feel that runs throughout this score is quite conventional by contrast. These cues represent the movement of the narratives; film and novel follow the same story line but in very different ways, and Patton is the bridge from one to the other. Hints of classical music, both choral and instrumental, are tempered by a colorful palette of taut dynamics, dizzying atmospherics, ambiences, ambitious textures, and even somewhat conventional harmony. Assembled together, the soundtrack and incidental music comprise a unique work that stands on its own as a listening experience.
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And, no, we didn’t screw up the tracklist below – they’re all ordered by consecutive prime numbers. – Consequence of Sound

  1. Twin Primes
  2. Identity Matrix
  3. Method of Infinite Descent
  4. Contrapositive
  5. Cicatrix
  6. Abscissa
  7. Isolated Primes
  8. Radius of Convergence
  9. Separatrix
    29.The Snow Angel
  10. Apnoea
  11. Supersingular Primes
  12. Quadratix
  13. Calculus of Finite Differences
  14. Zeroth
  15. Weight of Consequences
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