New Music Releases – June of 2010
New Music Releases – June of 2010

New Music Releases – June of 2010

Here’s a list of new releases, according to Brainwashed and Delusions of Adequacy websites:
Active Child – Curtis Lane EP (Merok / Filter)
Animal Collective – ODDSAC (Self Released)
Laurie Anderson – Homeland (Nonesuch)
Cowboy Junkies – Nomad Series: Renmin Park, Volume 1 (Latent)
Fang Island – Fang Island (Sargent House)
Health2 – Disco2 (Lovepump United)
Jandek – Portland Thursday (Corwood)
Konono No.1 – Assume Crash Position (Crammed Discs)
Melvins – The Bride Screamed Murder (Ipecac)
Nachtmystium – Addicts, “Black Meddies Pt. II (Century Media)
Oval – Oh (Thrill Jockey)
Pan Sonic – Gravitoni (Blast First Petite)
Psychic Ills – Catoptric (The Social Registry)
Ratatat – LP4 (XL)
Teenage Fanclub – Shadows (Merge)
Television Personalities – Memory Is Better Than Nothing (Rocket Girl)
This Mortal Coil – Dreampop Supergroup 4 (4AD) – Includes covers of Donna Summer, Can, Beach Boys, Wolfgang Press, Serge Gainsbourg and Siouxee and The Banshees. More info here.
Viernes – Sinister Devices (Kanine)
Windsor For The Derby – Against Love (Secretly Canadian)
Woodsman – Mystery Tape (Lefse)
Wovenhand – The Threshingfloor (Sounds Familyre)
Boris / Torche – Chapter Ahead Being Fake (Hydra Head)
Cap’n Jazz – Analphabetapology (Jade Tree)
Refused – The Shape Of Punk To Come (Epitaph)

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