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Jesus Lizard - Inch

Main Entry:  Jesus Lizard

Date Of Release: April 18th, 2009

Format: 9 x 7″

Label: Touch & Go

Description: Released to commemorate a Record Store Day, this box set collects Jesus Lizard seven-inch singles, including their covers of songs by Dicks and Trio, as well as “Puss”, song that was included on the band’s 1993 split with Nirvana.  Tracks were remastered by Bob Weston (Shellac, Mission Of Burma) and placed in a package which is “suitable for both compact storage and bedroom wall display”, according to T&G.

Tracks:  Chrome / 7 Vs. 8 / Mouth Breather / Sunday You Need Love (Trio cover) / Puss / Wheelchair Epidemic (Dicks cover) / Dancing Naked Ladies / Gladiator / Seasick (Live) / Glamorous / Deaf As A Bat / Lady Shoes (Live) / Killer McHann (Live) / Bloody Mary (Live) / Monkey Trick (Live) / (Fly) On The Wall / White Hole

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