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A new record from one of “Gone In 60 Sec.” participants / alums – elusive (but charming) Guanoman.  As he himself explains:

for the last two years or thereabouts, I’ve been beavering away in my scant spare moments on this new album… and it’s the most ambitious and fully realised thing I’ve ever done. TSD was originally supposed to be a poppier, more direct record than my usual nonsense, but it went off the rails at some point. it’s a writhing orgy of seedy contradictions: poppy and proggy, noisy and delicate, taut and abstract, silly and sombre, brutal and sensual, hideous and beautiful.
TSD is also my first-ever release (in more than a decade of doing this) to be professionally duplicated and printed. none of my usual shonky CD-Rs, home inkjet travesties and blunt-edged guillotining here.

For more details / to buy an album, visit Guanoman’s Facebook page and / or check out “A Fetid Sojourn For Miss Renata” on Soundcloud.

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