New Music Releases – Godflesh – Streetcleaner Redux (Earache)
New Music Releases – Godflesh – Streetcleaner Redux (Earache)

New Music Releases – Godflesh – Streetcleaner Redux (Earache)

Two-disc/remastered edition of Godflesh’s first full-length, which originally came out in 1989.  Second CD includes two unreleased tracks, as well as a plethora of live tracks, alternate mixes and demos.

Twenty-one years after its original release, Godflesh’s first full-length album, Streetcleaner, has been reissued in a deluxe two-disc edition that features both a remastered version of the original album and plenty of extras for fans to sink their teeth into. Rehearsal demos, live tracks, and early mixes fill the second disc and showcase the creative process that led Godflesh to the groundbreaking sound they created on Streetcleaner, a sound that has been a direct influence on everything from the metal/industrial hybrid bands of the early 90s (Pigface, Ministry) to the modern wave of ambient post-metal groups (Isis, Mastodon). – RVA Mag

Disc 1
01 Like Rats
02 Christbait Rising
03 Pulp
04 Dream Long Dead
05 Head Dirt
06 Devastator / Mighty Trust Krusher
07 Life Is Easy
08 Streetcleaner
09 Locust Furnace
10 Tiny Tears
11 Wound
12 Dead Head
13 Suction
Disc 2
01 Like Rats (Original Unreleased Mix)
02 Christbait Rising (Original Unreleased Mix)
03 Pulp (Original Unreleased Mix)
04 Dream Long Dead (Original Unreleased Mix)
05 Head Dirt (Original Unreleased Mix)
06 Streetcleaner (Live Geneva early 1990)
07 Head Dirt (Live Geneva early 1990)
08 Pulp (Rehearsal May 1989)
09 Dream Long Dead (Rehearsal April 1989)
10 Christbait Rising (Rehearsal April 1989)
11 Deadhead (Original Demo Guitar & Machine 1988)
12 Suction (Original Demo Guitar & Machine 1988)
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