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Flaming Lips Embryonic

It’ been a full 10 years since The Soft Bulletin touched down on terrestrial soil to massive and near-unanimous critical acclaim. The stratospheric lead track, “Race for the Prize,” completed The Flaming Lips’ colorful paradigm shift, foreshadowed four years prior on 1995′ Clouds Taste Metallic, from weirdo acid-rockers to weirdo psych-pop spectacle. Since then it’ been all confetti cannons and streamer guns. When At War with the Mystics emerged in 2006 as the band’ closest brush with mediocrity, critics, citing man-sized plastic bubbles and massive homemade UFOs, began to peg the wild Okies as more novelty act than legitimate rock band. In a stunning turn, Embryonic marks the audacious, boundary-pushing, 70-minute rebirth of these fearless freaks that reminds us just who we’e dealing with. – Spectrum Culture

Associated Entries: Flaming Lips

Format: CD / 2XCD + DVD

Label: Warner Bros.

Twelfth studio album by Flaming Lips – a follow-up to 2006 “At War With The Mystics”. The album features appearances by MGMT, Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and mathematician Thorsten Wörmann.


Disc One – Convinced Of The Hex / The Sparrow Looks Up At The Machine / Evil / Aquarius Sabotage / See The Leaves / If / Gemini Syringes / Your Bats / Powerless

Disc  Two – The Ego’s Last Stand / I Can Be A Frog / Sagittarius Silver Announcement / Worm Mountain / Scorpio Sword / The Impulse / Silver Trembling Hands / Virgo Self-Esteem Broadcast / Watching the Planets
iTunes Bonut Tracks – UFOs Over Baghdad / What Does It Mean? / Just Above Love / Anything You Say Now, I Believe You

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