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New full-length from this Japanese hardcore/post-rock band – a follow-up to 2006 “Insomniac Dose”.

The difference with Recitation is in its execution. Where recent co-releases with fellow underground rock icons Thursday and Jesu hinted at a band in transition, Recitation is a fully realized vision from a band at their most inspired. Packed with more songs than any previous Envy album – songs lengths range from 90 seconds to nearly 9 minutes – Recitation is more than most any Envy fan could have hoped for, a triumph for the band and an inspiring leap forward for heavy music the world over.  – TRL

If the rumor is true that Recitation is in fact Envy’s final recorded outing, they couldn’t go out on a higher note. While staying true to the foundation they have created over the years, Recitation shows the band expanding their emotional spectrum into previously uncharted territory. – Decoy Music


01. Guidance
02. Last Hours of Eternity
03. Rain Clouds Running in a Holy Night
04. Pieces of the Moon I Weaved
05. Light and Solitude
06. Dreams Coming to An End
07. Incomplete
08. Worn Heels and the Hands We Hold
09. A Hint and the Incapacity
10. A Breath Clad in Happiness
11. 0 and 1
12. Your Hand
Stream the entire album via Spinner
Further Info: MySpace | Temporary Residence Limited
Reviews: Decoy Music | TheNewReview | ReviewRinseRepeat
+ a video review from ThreeCreation / Austin Farrell

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