New Music Releases – David Sylvian – Sleepwalkers (Samadhisound)
New Music Releases – David Sylvian – Sleepwalkers (Samadhisound)

New Music Releases – David Sylvian – Sleepwalkers (Samadhisound)

In the 00s, David Sylvian produced two of his strongest and most solitary statements, “Blemish” and “Manafon”. But those records don’t tell the whole story. In the same period, Sylvian created a more playful body of work: a series of collaborations and side projects with leading talents of pop and improv, electronic and contemporary classical music. The best of these recordings are gathered here on “Sleepwalkers”, meticulously sequenced and remixed: the fruits of one-off meetings and lifelong partnerships, they jump from bliss to intrigue, romance to sensuality, as arch-experiments lead into the lushest pop.

A compilation CD featuring David Sylvian’s collaborative work from the last decade. The album also includes new track entitled “Five Lines” (a collaboration with classical composer Dai Fujikura).


Sleepwalkers (with Martin Brandlmayr)
Money for all (with Nine Horses)
Ballad of a deadman feat. Joan Wasser (with Steve Jansen)
Angels (with Jan Bang and Erik Honoré aka Punkt)
World citizen – I won’t be disappointed (with Ryuichi Sakamoto/Chasm mix)
Five lines (with Dai Fujikura/ previously unreleased)
The day the earth stole heaven (with Nine Horses)
Playground martyrs (with Steve Jansen)
Exit/delete (with Masakatsu Takagi)
Pure genius (with Tweaker)
Wonderful world (with Nine Horses)
Transit (with Christian Fennesz)
The world is everything (with Takuma Watanabe)
Thermal (with Arve Henriksen)
Sugarfuel (with Readymade FC)
Trauma (solo outtake from Blemish)

Artwork for the album was done by Canadian artist Kristamas Klousch (his 2009 piece called “Bastet“)

Listen to samples from the album

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