New Names to Learn – Sinking Suns
New Names to Learn – Sinking Suns

New Names to Learn – Sinking Suns

Sinking Suns

Sinking Suns is a trio that hails from Madison, WI but before you’ll utter the phrase “middle of nowhere” consider names like Die Kreuzen and Killdozer who also hailed from Mad City.
SS, however, bear little resemblance to either DK or Killdozer as they lack the aggression of former and/or political leaning/subtle humor of latter – what the trio does share with both bands (as well as 80s/90s post-punk and noise rock scene) is a hefty sense of darkness.
As Isthumus magazine points out:

Singer and bassist Dennis Ponozzo is acutely aware that releasing demons on wax can be therapeutic.
“I think, if anything, it probably helped,” he says, recalling how he’s seen death and tragedy affect family and friends over the last decade or so.
As that pain and loss manifested itself in the EP’s songs, a common thread of striking back emerged.
“When all the songs started coming together and we looked at the lyrical content, revenge just seemed to be a constant theme. It’s also a catchy title,” Ponozzo says.

Sinking Suns - Songs of Revenge“Songs of Revenge”, the band’s most recent EP, is all about striking back at the enemies and since there are no lyrics included one can guess that the kind of revenge the band is talking about is slow and methodical. It is also an elegant and elaborate one judging by stark black and white artwork that features Edgar Po-esque raven staring down from the tree.
To check out the band’s entire discography visit their Bandcamp page.

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