New Music Releases – September 2019: Pt. 2
New Music Releases – September 2019: Pt. 2

New Music Releases – September 2019: Pt. 2

New Music Releases

Talking about all the new music that came out in September – one more time! See part 1 here.


Closed Circuits – Keys (2007-2018) (In Finite Records)

With lyrics that deal in language, depression, time, and magick, and a sound palette drawn from avant-garde electronics, hip hop, drone, and pop music, Closed Circuits pushes the envelope of what a solo artist can be, drawing comparisons to the late Scott Walker in his scope and ambition. The album, Lucifer, is due next year, with Returner to follow and complete the circuit.

Donoval & Fiala – Interstat (Canigou Records)

Vol. 2 of the Cascade Series, a collection of recordings exploring ‘process’ and the synchronicity between improvisers.

via Adam Badi Donoval

Vacationer – Wavelengths (Paxico Records)

Wavelengths is 14 previously unreleased cuts by Vacationer that “didn’t need vocals.”

Sateto – Site・See・Ing (Self Released)

a band I was in while I was in Japan was called, Sateto, we just released an album on Bandcamp : ) a fully improvised auto-composed album, please check it out

via Dustin Wong

Dead Neanderthals – Ghosts (Utech Records)

Ghosts is the fourth Utech Records release from Dutch duo Dead Neanderthals – Otto Kokke, sax; René Aquarius, drums – and one of their most adventurous and extreme records to date. Consisting of two side-long tracks, Ghosts is a collaboration with guitarist Scott Hedrick of US metal band Skeletonwitch.

Pernice Brothers – Spread The Feeling (Ashmont Records)

I am toying with releasing all my rejected recording on a double CD called SHITTY SONGS. For every copy you take, I give you $0.87. It’s the future winning model in the streaming age.

Eric Menck came up with the title. I think it was a peanut butter ad campaign slogan. If it wasn’t, it should be.

via Polar Seas

Pinkcourtesyphone + Gwyneth Wentink – When She Had No Mirror​.​.​. She Watched Her Shadow (LINE)

Sonic smudger Pinkcourtesyphone and harpist extraordinaire Gwyneth Wentink first met at an elegant garden party chez William Basinski, where they became instant accomplices. 2016’s ‘Elision’ EP (901editions, Italy) soon followed, full of rich chords, lush hues, and enticing flickerings.

Now the pair invites you to get carried away in a cascade of murmurs with ‘when she had no mirror…she watched her shadow.’

retweeted by vmdtm

Danny Madigan/Alpha Chrome Yayo – Grangeweird (Club Arnold)

Danny Madigan and Alpha Chrome Yayo present for your consideration this collaborative record. Not just a record in the auditory sense, but in the archival one too.

You see, this is the true life story of a suburban sorceress, one who lived at the foot of ancient hills, rife with Druidist power. The house stands empty now, and whatever otherworldly magick took place there is lost to time, save for a residual crackle of energy in the air. But we’ll not forget the Witch who lived on our street. We can’t. Some stories aren’t meant to die out. Aren’t *allowed* to die out.

via Arvo Party

Low Chord – LC01 (Other Songs)

Low Chord is the ambient experimental project of producer and multi-instrumentalist Scott Orr featuring pianist Gareth Inkster.

Starting with the Moog synthesizer, Low Chord builds their ambient movements which act as a foundation for airy, improvised piano nylon string guitar, field recordings and tape sound create a non-linear compositions. The result is a peaceful exploration of analog synths paired with organic stringed instruments.

Vinyl Dial – The Flight of the Crown Hawk (Seaside Tapes)

In a small town, not too different perhaps from the one where you live, begins the first adventure. It’s 2009, and your friend just joined a rock band. You hate the songs. You decide to pick up your guitar, and as you sit on a plastic chair in the back corner of the garage (where you’ve spent the past 4 years procrastinating), you record an ostentatious prog rock version of their hit single, and upload it to MySpace.

You don’t want him to find out that it was you, so you send it under a fictitious band name, but you haven’t got one. You pick up the nearest magazine, flick through and pick two random words which you then type into the computer – “Vinyl Dial”.

This album is everything that happened following that moment.

via Vacuum Noise Records

Out on Hausu Mountain

Sunwatchers – HausLive 1: Sunwatchers at Cafe Mustache 4​/​13​/​2019

RIYL: free jazz in your krautrock, Alice Coltrane in your This Heat

via montbummery

Machine Listener – Colubrid

Colubrid opens his extra-terrestrial laboratory for office hours and lets us witness the creation of his technoid hardware sketches as they funnel out from his rig of synthesizers, samplers, and sequencers.

BUNKR – The Initiation Well (VLSI Records)

Nobody quite knows the purpose of the mysterious Initiation Well but one thing is for certain, a universe of swirling analogue synths, arpeggiations and hypnotic ambient and electronic textures awaits.

Pepo Galán – For Victoria (Fluid Audio)

A September breeze shakes the leaves. Vibrations quiver in the air, sent from a booming speaker.

Dragonfly Trio – Everybody Knows (Disco Gecko Recordings)

via Eeem

Holy Mountain – Crisis Actor (Adhesive Sounds)

via Raised by Cassettes

Weeping Icon – S/T (Kanine Records)

If you’re going to bike through a rainstorm at night, dodging terrible drivers and no-look jaywalkers, you should do it while blasting the new Weeping Icon record!

It worked for me!

via No One and the Somebodies

German Army – Salary Of Stagnation (Cønjuntø Vacíø)

Chra / Ikuko Morozumi – Hunderstairs (Adaptive Sonic)

Derived loosely from Chra’s remix of Eastern Fear Ritual’s Stairway Shadows (Thunderstairs), these tracks combine the sound of both artists offering a driving, mechanical audio assault. The release consists of 2 variations, emphasizing different percussive element.

Matthew Halsall – Oneness (Gondwana Records)

A collection of unreleased meditative, spiritual jazz from the Gondwana archives in a 3xLP vinyl set

via Bill Barnett

J.G. Sparkes – Gor West (Wormhole World)

Inspiring compositions for creative tasks.

All profits to the artist


Beans – Someday This Will All Be Ash (Mascarpone Discos)

via Raised by Cassettes



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