New Music Releases – January 2019
New Music Releases – January 2019

New Music Releases – January 2019

New Music Releases

Collecting new January releases into one neat roundup/list! This time we decided to take a bit of a new approach – where our previous roundups of new releases were mostly based on information provided by either Brainwashed or MarcissistNR, much of this roundup was compiled based on our Twitter feed/labels we follow.



Dere Moans – Inglorious Death Sounds Mixtape (Bad Cake Records)

Dere Moans returns with two sidelong slabs of sonic spaghetti woven together in that special way that only Dere moans can. Inglorious Deathsounds Mixtape is a swirling vortex of plunderphonic scuzz, a deluge of orphaned orchestrations, sliced samples, and deconstructed dialogues, masterfully merged into a tightly controlled audio output that achieves a strange serenity inside the blinding cloud of blended sound. – Houdini Mansions

suggested by Third Kind Records

Earlyguard – Minor Variations

One person’s noise is another person’s music.

This is a wonderful amalgamation of ambient soundscapes carrying the delicate and sensitive, slowly developing, tonal structures of the piano like a soft bed. – Roofhare via Bandcamp

suggested by Kees De Groot / Eeem

Eigenface – Memo (Shadowtrash Tape Group)

feelings and environments that comprise memories in an intensified, crystallized form. reoccurring state of mind. extended sleep dread, or somniphobia, followed by the body’s inevitable biological forfeiture to the ever-looming sandman. samples taken from 3 records and over 30 different video games to build and/or pacify.

Keith Matthews – Versicolor (Illuminated Paths)

ambient, experimental bliss from keith matthews.

Morning River Band – Brambles (Under the Counter Tapes)

Jamie Awakshidar – There is More Corruption in Beauty (Asura Revolver)

Steve Gunn – The Unseen in Between (Matador)

Adrian Lane – I Have Promises to Keep (Preserved Sound)

I put sheets of tin foil inside the piano to give a percussive, almost hi-hat like sound.

Gum Takes Tooth – Arrow (Rocket Recordings)

The twenty-first century acceleration of culture is such that the mundane everyday increasingly seems to be spinning out of control. Amidst a warp and distortion of reality whereby alienating modes of contact interweave with intimidating power structures. Inhabiting the city thus quickly becomes no less than a constant battle for both time and space.

This is the landscape intrepidly explored on ‘Arrow’ – the London-based duo Gum Takes Tooth’s third album and first for Rocket Recordings. Searing and visceral yet suffused by melancholy and elegiac atmosphere, it’s also no less than a manifestation of the subconscious of the band themselves.

see also – The Quietus

Beare – Time Kills (Pizza Beast)

“Y Tú, rompiendo el puro
Aire, te vas al inmortal seguro?”

An album about mortality…

Sceadu – Once Upon a Future (Bricolage)

Crumbling and disjointed apocalyptic ambient sound design followed by two off kilter and anarchic drum n bass tracks that spit out fractured rhythmic patterns and nebulous bass movements that rarely sit still. The EP is brought to a close with the epic “Imaginary Reign”. A captivating piece of chiming electronica that slowly unravels into a celestial crescendo before folding back into itself. It’s completely paradoxical to what has went before and exhibits the diverse musical capabilities of Sceadu.

Mute Branches – Notanymore (Disintegration State)

Gauzy hauntological soundscapes finding beauty in decay. MB has a wonderful ability to paint vivid scenes through his music so let him take you on an ambient journey.

Gnod R&D – R&D, Vol. 3 (Sound of Cobra)

GNOD (R+D) is an alternative version of GNOD, in case of this album consisting of co-founders Paddy Shine and Chris Haslam. This project is to be understood as a platform to research, develop and expand on sound environments as well as collaborators for the future workings in their main band.

The follow up to the two cassette only releases on Tesla Tapes, ‘Vol. 3’, sees GNOD (R+D) evoking four long-form suites that essentially take on the form of 21st century ritual music for the west, lamenting, contemplating and trying to dissect the capitalist industrial death machine (see their last record).

Make Sea Halos – No Wisdom By Silence (Death Plaza)


AD300 Document III: A Retrospective (Already Dead Tapes & Records)

Noisecave Volume 1 (Noisecave)

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