New Music Releases – January 2020: Pt. 4
New Music Releases – January 2020: Pt. 4

New Music Releases – January 2020: Pt. 4

New Music Releases

Talking about new music that came out in January – one more time!

See part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here.


Martyr Privates – Ritual Hustler (Self Released)

From Australia, all profits will be donated to the Koala Hospital Port Macquarie, responding to GoFundMe – Help Thirsty Koalas Devastated by Recent Fires

via deadmanradio

VEiiLA – The Nation Of One (Wormhole World)

Electronic duo VEiiLA (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) blends downtempo and left-field house with emotional female vocals creating atmospheric melancholic music. VEiiLA’s eclectic (to some degree) sound is fairly compensated with unified monochrome visual style and mysterious asceticism in public statements.

Field Lines Cartographer – The Ferric Landscape (Soundtracking the Void)

From the Earth’s iron core & the magnetic fields flowing from pole-to-pole, to the mineral deposits beneath our feet, we’re
living in an invisible environment of magnetic flux. Ancient people across the world have described & mapped these flows over centuries:
great magical & spiritual significance is given to great stones, mountains, caves & the magnetic network that may link them, sometimes described as ley lines.

Senior Infants – Sorry Excuse Me Can I Get Through There (Self Released)

Sorry there weh op yeah sorry cheers thanks yeah

grateful worldwide. let’s meet for brunch.

via Eoin Murray

Kieran Mahon – (Descent) Voyage 2020 1​.​1​.​1 (Self Released)

New! Heavy outer space drone action.

A kosmische drone voyage using layered tracks of Dreadbox NYX2 and Make Noise 0-Coast synths with delay and reverb effects.

Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza – Rainforest Hill (I + II) (Asura Revolver)




Wassermann (aka Wolfgang Voigt) – Freude Schöner Götterfunken (Profan)

Australia burns up.

France is celebrating 100 years of Pierre Soulages.

Europe is celebrating 250 years of Ludwig Van Beethoven and Wolfgang Voigt co-celebrates.

Using his alias Wassermann he lets the straight bassdrum go on the anthem of all anthems.

Four black sparks of joy are marching on a Voigt-like four-to-the-floor rhythm for the beauty of the divine nothing, determined towards the bridge.

via vmdTM

Graham Dunning – Something About Still Trying (Flaming Pines)

Graham Dunning explores the world as a giant record player in his new tape Something About Still Trying. Well known as a turntable experimentalist Dunning brings this sensibility to exploring the world through field recording in an album which sees him building a giant stylus out of a stick for A Tracing of a Single Tide, re-configuring a windmill as a huge turntable in Windchange, and finding a recording which sounds like a scratch loop to compose the opening title track.

Cowp – Jigsaw (Self Released)

as promised, a handful of tracks of jigsaw piece noise. ffo cardboard techno, insect chatter and muffled muttering…

via  Mike Holland

Itchy Rotten – Grey Majique (Telekosmik)

Remington Super 60 – New EP (Z Tapes)

Such Great Dreampop

5 Beers


Crosspolar – Gaia Industries (Deluxe Edition) (Asura Revolver)

“Building the technologies for a brighter tomorrow”

Originally self released in January 20th 2017, this 3 year anniversary deluxe reissue includes bonus tracks: “Cumulus”, “Zephyr” and “Eyebeam” alongside new cover by the artist.


Cinchel / Nystada (Trium Circulorum)

cinchel – After many years recording droney guitar loops and layering them in Ableton I decided to focus on a different way to create music. I found a used monome64 controller and this looping/effect patch called “The Party Van” and set out to make single-take, improv pieces. The idea would be that I do almost no other post processing. My contribution to this split is from this process.

nystada – Filled with inspiration from visiting a studio in Finland and Alva Noto talks on youtube nystada focused on sound manipulation in summer 2019.

GX Jupitter-Larsen / Crank Sturgeon (Humanhood Recordings)

2 legends unite for this ultra short [1min28sec each] release in an edition of 25 w/ 15 being available to the public.


c l i m a t e c h a n g e w a v e (Sunset Grid)

Featuring Seffi Starshine, Whalt Thisney, Alan Morse Davies and more.

The Sunday Experience Benefit EP (Polytechnic Youth)

Featuring Polypores, Tomorrow Syndicate, Polytechnic Sound Archive, Lake Ruth & Listening Center

RIP Mark Barton

Nobody Knows This Is Somewhere (C/Site Recordings)

New Haven, Connecticut has become an unlikely hotbed of psychedelic activity in the last half decade. In truth this scene has developed over the course of much more than five years – decades of friendship and tight knit community have gradually birthed this vital scene and brought together its diverse artists into unique union. Nobody Knows This Is Somewhere seeks to document one subsect of New Haven’s scene, the deeply intertwined family of friends simply known as The Crew.

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