New Music Releases for April 2020 – Compilations: Pt. 2
New Music Releases for April 2020 – Compilations: Pt. 2

New Music Releases for April 2020 – Compilations: Pt. 2

New Music Releases

Another roundup of compilations that came out this April! See part 1 here.


Co​-​Mission: An Artist Relief Compilation, Vol. 2 (Folkadelphia)

I recorded a song for this fantastic collection of songs in time of quarantine. It’s about cooking before apocalypse.

Co-Mission is a project started during the COVID-19 pandemic to help get money in the hands of in-need artists and musicians during a time of financial, professional, and personal instability and uncertainty.

The idea is to commission home recordings from a group of artists, non-exclusively license the track for use in a donation-based compilation, and use any and all proceeds to commission more recordings from more artists, creating more compilations, and continuing the process. All the while, we will be looking for opportunities to highlight these artists’ work, records, and the tangible ways that supporters can directly spend or donate money to them.

via Dear Life Records

Red Shift (Triplicate Records)

Red Shift. Triplicate. Seventeen tracks, seventeen electric weirdos. No that’s not the title of the most distressing porno you’ve ever seen, but rather the coming together of myriad styles and genre-fusions to create one surprisingly cohesive package of bleeding edge, entirely warranted musical flexing.

Swamp Haze (Fuzzy Cracklins Presents)

We are part of this comp here. All funds raised go to Doctors Without Borders. Dig in.

Fuzzy Cracklins Presents music from the heavy underground in celebration of 4-20-2020 and in support of charities providing pandemic relief. The music is free to stream and download, however, anything you can donate will make a difference. Donate by entering an amount when you buy this compilation, or donate directly to one of these charities.

via Hawkeyes


Here it is! ATTN:SPAN. Compilation of 206 tracks, all precisely 10 seconds in length. Every penny raised going to Cool Earth.

Music Over Distance (Signal Records)

Several Hood alumni are on this well worthwhile compilation of collaborative tracks made in order to raise money for the PPE for NHS Staff appeal.

Please give generously and get some really unique one off collaborations in return.

Also ex-@panicamigo @pioulard & a blinding @frogworth @isnajdui workout, ‘Without Dwelling’…

Mastering by @RedRedPaw

‘Collaborations during lockdown to raise money for personal protective equipment for NHS workers’

via Lend Me Your Ears

DRS: Strolling Company (Raund Haus)

Tapes for @dailyrecshit via Japan and their ‘Strolling Company’ comp are in! Design by the homie @j0eruu via VA and now shipping anywhere in US.

A cross-cultural vision come to fruition in physical form.

HausMo Mixtape II (Hausu Mountain)

🏚️🌋We’ve got a new song up from HausMo Mixtape II (out this Friday)

You can now stream “Cypress” – the delightfully drifty track from @quicksails ‘s forthcoming album “Blue Rise”.

The Quicksails LP is out in July & is on deck after the Fire-Toolz release

United in Distance (Marly Records)

“United in Distance” a new digital compilation of 34 tracks from Artists from around the world of various styles and genres. Be sure to download your copy today and share with your friends.

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