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Second roundup of new music released in the month of February! Part 1 can be found here.
Ewonee – Four Us by Us (Self Released)

Snakepiss – Conduit (No Problema Tapes)

Smug Brothers – Attic Harvest (Gas Daddy Go)
Smug Brothers - Attic Harvest
Suggested by DrJYTAA

Tengger – Seggye (Cardinal Fuzz / Sunrise Ocean Bender)

Recondite – Silk (Hotflush)

Andrulian – Choices, Gamblers (Self Released)

Max Gowan – Bygones (Z Tapes)

James Bernard – Atwater (ASIP)

suggested by Curse of Chuckpee

Eun-Jung Kim & Charlie Collins – Shining Days (Linear Obsessional)

Transform Colláge – Hymn to Despair (Infidel Bodies)

Broshuda – Crayon Surface / STV / Jelly Creep (Self Released)

The Corrupting Sea – System Shift (Do You Dream of Noise?)


Doom Trip Mix Vol. III (Doom Trip) – featuring Vinyl Williams, TALsounds, Mukqs, Hott Mt, Skyjelly and more!

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