New Music Releases – December of 2008
New Music Releases – December of 2008

New Music Releases – December of 2008

Check out some of the new releases that came out recently:
r-1480615-1224139934Richard Pinhas / Merzbow – Keio Line (Cuneiform)
Double CD collaboration between French King Crimson-influenced musician and noise guru Merzbow (Masami Akita). According to Brainwashed, this CD resembles the earlier collaboration between Merzbow and Christopher Heemann (H.N.A.S., Mirror) with sounds of processed strings and analog synthesizers dominating much of the record. The record is available as both a double-CD set and a limited 3-LP edition (via UK label Dirter Promotions)
Tracklist and additional info: Discogs
Reviews: All About Jazz

r-1564989-1228841813Final – Dead Air (Utech)
“Dead Air” is Justin Broadrick’s next installation in dark ambient saga that he’s been creating under the moniker Final since the early 80s. Beyond ambient, it also brings forward some of the noise/power electronics elements that characterized his early work, and, according to Brainwashed, is “some of the rawest Final work that he’s released yet.”
Samples – Slow Air / Subterraine / Dead Air

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore – Dolores (Ipecac)
“Dolores” is a follow-up to German “doom jazz” band 2005 “Geisterfaust” full-length and just like its predecessor it came out on Mike Patton’s label Ipecac Recordings. According to Brainwashed, this is one of the band’s best records yet and ” Dolores is something of a return to form; at the very least it’s a return to the sound that made Bohren a band loved by so many.”
Samples – Staub / Welk / Von Schnabel
Source: Brainwashed


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