New Music Releases – April 2020: Pt. 3
New Music Releases – April 2020: Pt. 3

New Music Releases – April 2020: Pt. 3

New Music Releases

Another roundup of new music that came out this April – compiled with a little help from our followers! See part 1 here and part 2 here.



Sunken Foal – Florida Crystals EP (Countersunk)

See also – Track-by-Track: Sunken Foal – Hexose

Kodian Trio – Live in Leeds (Raw Tonk Records)

Andrew Lisle – drums
Dirk Serries – electric guitar
Colin Webster – alto saxophone

Fragile X – Panzer Kunst (Disintegration State)

As head of the Bricolage label, Fragile X has been a friend of ours since day 1. Last year he contributed a remix to our anniversary compilation and we’re delighted to be putting out this EP of post-apocalyptic rhythmic soundscapes. Sparse percussion rattles around brooding synths across the three tracks as if a storm is brewing to wash over desolate wastelands. And that storm breaks cataclysmically on Steve Hadfield’s remix in a torrent of industrial drums and swirling feedback.

See also – Label Mix by Bricolage

DEAD – Raving Drooling (WeEmptyRooms)

The new @DEAD_theband record is so good. Might be my favorite of theirs.

via non-exis-tent

Declan Synnott – Old Lavender (Self Released)

All sales from this release will go to MASI – Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland.

via Vicky Langan

Panopticon – Beast Rider EP (Self Released)

Panopticon has released a brooding new EP to help musicians impacted by the pandemic. “Every penny I receive from this release will be forwarded to musicians that I know who are struggling from cancelled gigs and tours, lost income that they depended on.”

via Kim Kelly

CD-Piks – S/T (Kanada 70)

Absolute classic from vintage Toronto

via Hi it’s Matt Collins

COMPUTER – Crossing the Darien Gap (Self Released)

Second release of the night is the sequel to one of my favorite releases Automatic Jungle… This is “Crossing the Darien Gap”

See also – Guest Mix by COMPUTER / Zona Zanjeros

FUJII – Poisons (Aversiac)

A journal entry about dreams and their effects on me.

via Seffi Starshine

Clara Engel – Hatching Under the Stars (Self Released)

Released this beast into the wild today

Obey Cobra – Oblong (Self Released)

Played this through a few times now and it is the absolute business! It’s got all things that are good on it. Elements of.. Gothic, Psychrock, spacerock, shoegaze & Doom

via Vortex

Masaya Kato – Contact (Whitelabrecs)

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED album by Masaya Kato. ease into your anxious day. bliss.

Masaya Kato is an artist from Japan who has been active since 2011, with previous releases on Time Released Sound and Somehow Recordings. Masaya’s influences tend to be from poetry as well as video and performing arts.

via Richard Chartier

Arms and Sleepers – Eastern Promises (Future Archive Recordings)

Second in a six-part music series to be released throughout 2020.

Blanket Swimming + DR – Lightning Gallery (Mahorka)

“The Lightning Gallery” is a 50/50 collaborative effort from Blanket Swimming & DR. The sounds map out an illusionary, dimly lit gallery. Flashes of memories drift in and out as still life paintings take on new forms with each glance.

via Ivo Petrov

Arovane – Gestalt (Puremagnetik)

lovely new ambient Arovane album mastered by @taylordeupree.

via Bruce Levenstein

Teleplasmiste – To Kiss Earth Goodbye (House of Mythology)

To Kiss Earth Goodbye, Teleplasmiste’s second full album, sees their sound-vision expanding and deepening, phantasmally and fantastically, opening onto thrilling new vistas of euphoria. The music is informed by a deep awareness and respect for prior esoteric traditions and counterculture currents, but forges a new and fertile synthesis very much its own.

Max Devereaux – Max Devereaux Sings The Blues (Self Released)

Beautiful new Max album!

via Suko Pyramid

ΛᄂӨYƧIЦƧ ƧᄃЯIMƧΉΛЩ – A Genre of Music I Have to Destroy (DMT Tapes)

Unravel your Sunday

via vylter

Peel Dream Magazine – Pill (Tough Love Records)

via Tim Hinely


All My Friends Are Ghosts​/Psetta (Music is the Devil)

The synthwave stylings of Portland, ME’s Psetta meets the glitch and drone of Philadelphia’s All My Friends Are Ghosts on this exciting split EP.

via Letters From Mouse



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