New Music Releases – April 2020: Pt. 2
New Music Releases – April 2020: Pt. 2

New Music Releases – April 2020: Pt. 2

New Music Releases

Second roundup of new music that came out in April – compiled with help from our followers! See part 1 here.


Ben I Sabbah feat Lady Tcha – Meditation for the Nuclear Age VIII – In Times of Fear and Panic (Self Released)

unedited, spontaneous improvisations, recorded via zoom h4n

ben i sabbah -elctric phin, fx pedals, molam beat box, drumthing, kelimba, metal percussion
lady tcha -vocals, percussion, rc300 (track 3)

via T2,000,000

Alan Morse Davies and Gregory Nieuwsma – Dreams of Steve (Submarine Broadcasting Company)

Today we’re delighted to release ‘Dreams of Steve’ by @AMDGOAT and @SawakGreg, comprising two very different Reichian dreams.

In light of our troubled times, it’s NYP. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

We both dreamt we were Steve Reich, they were good dreams.

No Steves were harmed in the making of this record.


The Rita – Living Dead Girl (Amethyst Sunset)

Layered punishing avalanches of harsh noise in the 90s ‘Americanoise’ tradition.

Originally self-released by THE RITA in 1998, Living Dead Girl is an essential piece in vast catalog. Violent harsh onslaught with no let down for 30 straight minutes.
For fans of extreme noise!

Felicia Atkinson – Everything Evaporate (Shelter Press)

New cassette from @atkinsonfelicia is incredible.

Spectral drones, gongs, bells, pianos and marimbas accompany Atkinson’s voice, but now we also find laconic pitch-shifted conversationalists and digitally harmonized chanteuses joining in.

via William

Jigga – Id Es (TAR)

The fragile earth resonates beneath the rusted rattling engine of fate. The genesis of a new generation baptized in calamity. Roaring back the battle cries of survival, this new sound for our new bearing. A new future, together.

via more obscure by the minute

Minimal Drone GRL – Ancestral Origins (Bricolage)

Another wonderful release out today: The “Ancestral Origins” album from @_Ambient_Skyze_ out on @BricolageG5. No need to despair about city lockdowns and viruses. This is much needed traveling without moving. It will take you places.

via Forest Robots

MiraiCult – Xanagrams (Business Casual)

via Soulcraft

Blakelock – Legitimate Targets II (Misophonia Records)

The debut tape from mysterious noisenik Blakelock – expect dark, malevolent power electronics that swallows your psyche and spits it back out again…harsh, relentless and positively brilliant. Packaged in printed ‘O’ card cover.

Drakulas – Terminal Amusements (Dine Alone Records)

Do u like pop punk of the Lookout variety? Do you like both the Suburban Lawns AND The Lazy Cowgirls?? Do you like cheap sunglasses + only watch the after midnight movies on TCM?? Do you wish all the characters in Smithereens had formed a band?Drakülas!!!!

via Experimental Internet Zack

Goodnight Louisa – Agnes (Self Released)

via Netsounds

Garden of the Ark – Stumble Into the Light (Self Released)

Go listen to this and buy a copy ASAP. It’s stellar from start to finish.

Noisy ’90s meets heavy ’70s.


K. Leimer – Semblance (Self Released)

Seattle ambient pioneer K. Leimer has released a new EP, recorded during the pandemic, for free download.

via Philip Sherburne

Wretched Empires – Bloom (Self Released)

This is really good!

Logo by Stephen Wilson (@unknownrelic)

via Mitch McCovid

Ivy Hollivana – Siphonophore (Community Radio Tapes / Knife Punch Records)

Orlando-based and rapidly growing an eclectic fanbase across the noise, footwork, and nightcore communities, Ivy Hollivana is a pop star in-waiting.

Hollow Ship – Future Remains (PNKLSM Records)

Punk Slime Recordings are proud to present the debut album from Gothenburg quintet Hollow Ship, the follow-up to the acclaimed debut 7” We Were Kings from late 2019. Due on April 3, Future Remains is a massive introduction from the band, showcasing their unique take on psychedelic rock which sounds like nothing else around, expertly produced by Hollow Ship together with Mattias Glavå (Dungen etc) on the majority of the album and working with Daniel Johansson on opening track “Take Off”.

via Andy Mascola

Mute Forest – Riderstorm (Lost Tribe Sound)

Been listening to this new one from @Mute_Forest most of the day. Really beautiful album, highly recommended

There is a moment early on in ‘Riderstorm’ (releasing April 3rd, 2020 via Lost Tribe Sound) where a submarine-like pulse swells, then fades into the void. “Truth is a wave,” Kael Smith pronounces, “A rave I just can’t hear.” On Smith’s second album under the Mute Forest moniker, truth seems to slip in and out of his hands like a moth. Amongst the album’s ten sonically rich and verdant songs produced by Mike Bridavsky (Magnolia Electric Co, Rivulets) these moments of clarity are bountiful; textural brush strokes strip away, the lens focuses in, and with a magnifying glass the listener peers directly into Smith’s vulnerability. – Darla Records

via Polar Seas

Crumpsall Riddle – Looking After The Duck (Wormhole World)

The meeting of @JudeMontague and @Steven_Ball is here!

Andrew Heath – Lighting Beacons (Self Released)

Very excited to release ‘Lighting Beacons’… a free EP and my response to these strangely surreal times. Three pieces, that I hope, draw on and convey a sense of the ‘new normal’ which to me suggests a quieter and maybe a more friendly and caring world…

via Rusted Tone Recordings


Destroyer – Streethawk: A Seduction (Misra / Merge)

I dug the recent Destroyer album and its opaque songwriting and eighties art pop sound(and Getty Images cover) and revisited this album and its glam rock affections.

via Adam Grimord-Isham

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