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Q: What does Kevin Shields thinks  this is – 1991?
A: He’s probably more than aware that its 2013, but nonetheless…
Everything on MBV’s latest opus (which you can stream here) alludes to “Loveless” – even the song titles.
Perhaps following the “if ain’t broken don’t fix it”, MBV’s latest is more of the same ol’ ol’ as indicated by the hypnotic drones/guitar buzz of “She Found Now”.
More proof that formula developed on “Loveless” still works 20 years down the road.
File under: 90s, shoegaze, noise-pop
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2 thoughts on “My Bloody Valentine – MBV

  1. I saw that My Bloody Valentine streamed the entire album on YouTube. When I heard it, I saw a lot of people compare it to Loveless. While I could see their point, I liked that they inched themselves away from the sound of Loveless a little bit to add some new soundscapes to their arsenal.
    I enjoyed what they did with their album, and in terms of comparing it to Loveless (there will be those), I say they can stand together pretty well.

  2. Mbv sounds the same as loveless. I' don't know what album your listening to. The first three tracks sound similar, I'll give you that but the album is a different direction. It isn't nearly as ambitious, but for a band that hasn't released an album in 20 years, it's impressive how modern and relevant it is.

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